Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lucid Intervals by Stuart Woods (#29)

I've always enjoyed Stuart Woods' mysteries; my favorite was his first book, Chiefs, which had a riveting plot and strong character development. This was followed with several really well done books that I very much enjoyed. I can remember years ago reading one of his mysteries while cooking dinner, book in one hand, stirring the pot on the stove with the other. His last several books have not lived up to that high standard. They seem formulaic with very one dimensional characterization. Lucid Intervals was a very flat read; if it were for all those years of enjoyable mysteries, I doubt I would have bothered.

Stone Barrington, an investigative attorney who appears in many of Woods' mysteries, becomes involved with a beautiful British Intelligence Agency woman. They are in and out of bed, in chauffeur driven Bentley's, eating and drinking at Elaine's, while apparently investigating an incident that is not only not compelling, but also fairly boring. I do not recommend this book, but I do recommend Chiefs, the first book by Stuart Woods, a really great read.

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