Monday, August 23, 2010

As Husbands Go by Susan Isaacs #43

Such a fun book! This is a mystery that leaves the reader on the edge of your seat until the last few pages. Susie Gersten, the mother of triplet boys, is the wife of a prominent NYC plastic surgeon who is found dead in a call girl's apartment. The police conclude that the call girl is the murderer but Susie isn't sure. While devastated at the loss of her husband, worried and overwhelmed about her responsibilities to her children, Susie pursues answers to the riddle of why her husband died, surrounded by her best friend and business partner, her overbearing mother-in-law, her colorful grandmother, and many other characters in her life. Reading this book really took me out of my quiet mid-western life and transported me to life in the upper echelons of privileged New Yorkers. I loved it!

The Late Lamentable Molly Marx by Sally Kaslow (42)

Molly Marx is dead but is observing her friends and family from the afterlife known as the "Duration". Molly's death on her bicycle in Central Park, NYC, left everyone wondering if it was an accident, suicide, or murder. This is an entertaining book, and I enjoyed reading it. The author handled Molly's time in the afterlife plus many flashbacks on her life very well.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Irresistible Henry House by Lisa Grunwald (#41)

I love this book! Henry House is a "practice baby", an orphan who is raised by various home economics students in the 1950's. This novel is based on a real situation; orphan babies sometimes actually spent their early months with college students who learned about child care by practicing on them. Usually the practice babies were adopted by eager couples after their time in the practice house was complete. Henry's case was different because he was kept by the middle aged supervisor at the house, a woman who had suffered many disappointments but puts her hopes on this baby. As time goes on, Henry goes through many changes and setbacks; it is fascinating to see how his life evolves as he becomes a young man.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Star Island by Carl Hiaasen (#40)

Carl Hiaasen is a favorite author but I have to admit to being a little disappointed at his latest book. He is a great writer of humor, but his previous books had more likable characters. I didn't find anyone I particularly liked or rooted for in this book. The story revolves around a minor teenage star who has lots of problems of all kinds, one of which is that she has no talent. Everyone surrounding her is very flawed and unlikeable for various reasons. Her parents, her security people, her manager, her double, even her paparazzi are people you just wouldn't see a need to spend any time with at all. This book was readable but I had to forge ahead in order to get through and I'm not sure it was worth the effort.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moon Shell Beach by Nancy Thayer (#39)

Light, pleasant reading. Clare and Lexi were childhood friends on the island of Nantucket. The story follows their early years and young adulthood when each make choices that result in some regrets but ultimately happiness. This is a great book to read in the summer; it's like a vacation to Nantucket