Monday, August 23, 2010

As Husbands Go by Susan Isaacs #43

Such a fun book! This is a mystery that leaves the reader on the edge of your seat until the last few pages. Susie Gersten, the mother of triplet boys, is the wife of a prominent NYC plastic surgeon who is found dead in a call girl's apartment. The police conclude that the call girl is the murderer but Susie isn't sure. While devastated at the loss of her husband, worried and overwhelmed about her responsibilities to her children, Susie pursues answers to the riddle of why her husband died, surrounded by her best friend and business partner, her overbearing mother-in-law, her colorful grandmother, and many other characters in her life. Reading this book really took me out of my quiet mid-western life and transported me to life in the upper echelons of privileged New Yorkers. I loved it!

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