Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catch up

Here's a catch up on the last couple of books:
The last book of 2010 (#58) was Santa Fe Edge by Stuart Woods.

Disappointing! A chase story involving a couple of bad people and other people running around and trying to catch them while engaging in kinky activities involving money, airplanes, and sex. I loved this author's earlier books but definitely not the recent ones.

The first book of 2011 was Perfect Reader by Maggie Pouncey.

Flora Dempsey, daughter of a university professor and poet, reruns to her childhood home when her father suddenly dies. Flora is left in charge of a large collection of poetry unexpectedly found in her father's effects. She meets new people such as her father's secret love Cynthia, begins a relationship with her father's lawyer, and goes through the agony of recalling many pains of childhood

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