Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Slaying in the Suburbs: The Tara Grant Murder by Andrea Billups and Steve Miller (#20)

I remember well when this murder case was in the news. Stephen Grant was seen on TV tearfully and convincingly requesting that his missing wife return. It turned out that he had strangled his wife to death, cut up her body, and scattered the remains in a nearby park. He was having an affair with a teenage nanny from Germany who was living in the house while his successful wife was traveling on business. It was a fascinating and unforgettable case.
This book gives a detailed account of the case. Step by step we are taken through the events of the case. At times it is hard to read as the grisly details are revealed. To say I enjoyed the book is not quite accurate because this case cannot be enjoyed and we all know how it ends. It is a well written book about an unforgettable case.

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