Sunday, July 27, 2008


by Elin Hildebrand

The first 200 pages of this book went slowly and I found my mind wandering when I began to read. Then about half way through the book, I was grabbed by the story and finished the last 200 pages in probably just one day. The story concerns three women with a variety of problems spending the summer in Nantucket. There are flashbacks showing how they got to this point in their lives, remembering past mistakes, and deliberations about how to resolve their personal issues. A young man in the story, Josh, serves as more than a babysitter, plus the husbands of two of the women, life altering decisions, and how to resolve all their situations. On the whole it was a good but not excellent read. Set in Nantucket, there is a little of the summer ocean feeling coming through, allowing us to vicariously experience a vacation setting while enjoying the book.

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